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About Emerald Music

Emerald Music was formed in 1964 and from the beginning had its roots in Irish Music, later expanding to cover a range of Scottish music, including some of Scotland's greatest Pipe Bands. 

The company founder was Mervyn Solomon, who was also the man who first recorded Rory Gallagher and Van Morrison. In those days, Van was fronting his own R & B group called "Them". 

Other local artists who went on to make a name for themselves included Jim Armstrong, guitarist - who also played with Them, and John Wilson who played with Them and Rory Gallagher. The John Anderson Big Band has also come through the Emerald "School". John's big band was the backbone of the Jive Bunny hits!! 

Of course in recent years we have had great success with Celtic Pride, a dance duo who has put a whole new dimension to Irish music and brought it to a new younger audience. 

With the combination of a vast back catalogue of music, and the new more contemporary recordings, the Emerald catalogue boasts to be one of the most comprehensive Irish and Scottish record labels.